Welcome soccer parents to the FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp, we remained hopeful that our summer camp would not be impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis,  based on the update from US Soccer and the Government, we can now begin to slowly jumpstart back to our normal schedule. However, some restrictions will be put into place, this meaning will no longer be able to hold our summer camp, as usual, this year.

The FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp will be on a limited space available. Due to the caution of spreading the virus or been infected by it, we will need to keep our participant size to a minimum, we strongly follow the recommendation which US Soccer and the Government have been providing to organizations like FUT5 Soccer Club. Understanding children are less likely to be seriously infected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) we will need to follow the suggested guidelines to keep participants and our staff safe and healthy

We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for the unforeseen circumstances that have forced us to make such drastic changes and measures to our FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp.  Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have regarding our program or guidelines. Below you will find the registration form for our FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp program and other information needed to register your participant player.


As we continue to evolve and push forward into the future with new technology and gadgets, our outside time becomes less and less. Children today seem more obsessed with technology than ever. Due to vivid like video games, and social media, human interaction has been interrupted. At FUT5 we believe to be the counter-attack to that interruption, by providing children of all ages, ethnicity, and gender the antidote to this mind interruption and that is “SOCCER”.

We start by providing a unique open setting, a three-field space facility for children to share. From the time they start to the time they finish, our campers would only enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, the sunny days, as well as the rainy afternoons free of technology.

Our FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp starts with a good old fashion stretch, health is our priority when it comes to children.

Once all campers have stretch, we then sort them out by age groups. Every activity is different for each age group.

Each Coach will begin their activity following the FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp curriculum. There is a five activity curriculum where coaches can choose what activities to implement each day. The activity includes drills and practice, one-day fun tournaments, one-day fun leagues, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games, playing different fun games, and other unique soccer games such as bubble soccer.

At our FUT5 Summer Soccer Camp, we also enjoy doing field trips to different outdoor places, we have trips to places near our facilities, such as public parks, water parks, movie theater, the beach, and more. (All trips are chaperoned by staff, parents and volunteers)


The FUT5 Soccer Summer Camp is an 8-week program that starts June 8th and ends on Agust 8th. Our Summer Camp starts a week after school has finished and the summer begins. The program is scheduled from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Early arrival would be 8:30 am and after camp picks up will be until 6:00 pm, you must request after camp picks up and please keep in mind an additional fee may apply.


The cost of the FUT5 Soccer Summer Camp is $135 a week per participant.

  • Camp fees include:
    A. Lunch for each participating
    B. Camp jersey for each participant
    (Additional jerseys are sold separately at $25.00 per jersey)
    C. Sibling discounts will be at 15% OFF from their weekly payments only.
    D. FUT5 Soccer Summer Camp also offers day to day attendance at $35 per player per day.
    (Siblings participating in the day to day attendance do not receive the 15% OFF)
    E. If you which to pay for the 8-week program in full a 20% OFF discount will apply.


Understanding some participants may be allergic to different foods and others. We recommend for parents to submit an allergy form for each participant. Each participant must also bring their allergy medicine in case of an emergency.


We greatly appreciate your understanding, if you have any questions contact us directly at or 754.214.1278 you can also download the Summer Soccer Camp registration form and waiver by clicking on the link below.


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